My Flinders Student ID and FAN

Your Student ID and Flinders Authentication Name (FAN) will give you access to a range of information and activities while you’re at Flinders.

Your Student ID is unique to you. Your Student ID is used to get a Student ID card, borrow library books, submit assignments and more.

Like your Student ID, your FAN is unique to you. Your FAN and password give you access to IT services, like email, the Student System and Flinders WiFi.

Access the Student System

The Student System is where you can:

  • view your personal details
  • enrol and register in classes
  • view and pay fees
  • apply for scholarships
  • see topic results

You can access the Student System from your Flinders dashboard (Okta).


Update my personal details

When you’re logged in to the Student System, take a moment to check your personal details and make sure they’re correct.

The Australian government requires you to provide this information as a condition of your enrolment. Please make sure the following is correct:

  • Address Details
  • Citizenship and Residency
  • Cultural details
  • Disability details

Most of your information can be updated in My Details, but some personal information, like your name, date of birth and citizenship, can only be changed in person.

If you need to change your personal information that can’t be updated in My Details, bring the relevant legal documents to Flinders Connect and we’ll update the information for you.

You can access the Student System any time through your Flinders dashboard (Okta).


Accept/Defer my offer

For most courses you need to formally accept your Flinders offer. If your offer is for an undergraduate course that allows deferment, this will also be an option for you. Postgraduate courses are not deferrable.

Log in to the Student System, click on the My Offer tab and follow the prompts to accept or defer your offer. Check your SATAC offer carefully to see if you are required to meet any enrolment deadlines or conditions.