Apply for scholarships

There’s a range of scholarships available for students, so take a moment to search scholarships applicable to you.

Once you’ve accepted your offer, you can apply for scholarships.

Visit How to Apply for more information.

Getting to Flinders

There are lots of ways to get to Flinders University:

Public Transport

The Adelaide Metro Journey Planner can help you identify the best options and route. You might also find the Transit app useful when planning your public transport to Flinders.


The Cycle Instead Journey Planner generates cycling routes using Adelaide’s Bikedirect network of main roads, bike lanes, local streets, off-road paths and some unsealed paths. There are also bike rails and lockable stores to secure your bike located around campus.

Shower facilities are also located around campus.


Walking to Flinders might also be a suitable option.

Designated walking paths are lit at night for your safety, and link the different faculties and facilities as well as the three major hubs on the campus: Sturt precinct, Main precinct and the Medical Centre.


Please check the parking website for details about purchasing a parking vPermit virtual permit), when you require a vPermit on campus and for further details.

Visit the Location and getting to campus website for further information about getting to Flinders.

Request building access

Your Student ID card gives you access to the Flinders Hub and Plaza 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can request 24-hour access to computing facilities by emailing

If you need access to any other rooms or labs around campus, contact your College.

Log in to FLO

Your topics deliver a range of learning materials and tasks through Flinders Learning Online (FLO). A range of resources and activities are available, including:

  • assignment guidelines – called Statements of Assessment Methods (SAMs)
  • assignment submissions
  • lecture recordings
  • quizzes
  • forums
  • grades and feedback (final grades are available in the Student System)

Access to topics in FLO is made available to you one week before teaching begins. The appearance of your topics may vary, however your Topic Coordinator and FLO Student Support are able to assist.

Logging in and accessing support:

  • You can log in to FLO from your Flinders dashboard (Okta). If you have just activated your student account you may need to wait up to 4 hours before you can access FLO for the first time.
  • A comprehensive range of support materials, resources and videos are available for students using FLO.

Textbooks and study resources

Information about textbooks and resources will be available in FLO under each topic.

Textbooks can be purchased from the Co-op, located in the Central Library Building, Bedford Park campus (accessible from The Hub) or the Co-Op website.

The Library will also have copies of most textbooks available for loan from the Text Book collections in the Central, Medical and Sturt libraries.

Submitting assignments

Requirements for submitting assignments will be unique for each topic. Simply check your Statement of Assessment Method (SAM) on FLO or speak with the Topic Coordinator.

Sitting exams

You might need to sit an exam as part of the assessment for your topic. If so, there are some important things you need to know.

Please take the time to check Flinders’ Examinations page to understand the process, requirements and obligations.

Disability services

If you have a medical condition, mental health condition, learning disability, physical disability, or if you are a carer for someone with a disability, you can access Disability Services.

Disability Services can help negotiate with lecturers and tutors, organise alternative exam arrangements and set up services to minimise the impact of your disability on your studies.

Disability Advisor consultations are free and confidential.

Book an appointment online or by phoning 8201 2118.

More information about our service is available from Flinders’ Health, Counselling & Disability Services.

Student computing

There are a number of apps that may help you during your time at Flinders University, including :

  • My Timetable Buddy that can assist with putting together your timetable;
  • Lost on Campus that can assist with finding your way around campus;
  • Transit app than can give you public transport information
  • The My Weekly Budget app that can help you manage your finances; and
  • The Centrelink app which provides access to your Centrelink account and details


Password Reset

If you forget your password, you can reset it by using the Self-Service Password Reset, but you’ll need to have registered to this utility in advance.

If you don’t have access to the utility, call the Service Desk on 12345 on a Flinders phone, or visit Flinders Connect in the Student Hub, Level 0, Central Library Building, Bedford Park.

Student Software

Some University software license agreements allow students’ use on private computers. The right to use Home Use Licenses is only available to currently enrolled students.

Access Flinders WiFi

All Flinders students have access to eduroam, which is an agreement between education and research institutions to share and enable wireless access across the institutions.

You can connect to eduroam using your FAN (Flinders Authentication Name) and password.

There are separate instructions for different operating systems, so read the Australian Eduroam Policy and the Acceptable Use of Technology Procedures  before you connect.

Safety and security

Your wellbeing on campus is important, so please take the time to review Flinders’ security, health and safety information.


Security officers are available 24 hours a day via the hotline telephones located around campus or by calling 8201 2880.

Flinders Security can:

  • provide first aid
  • manage Lost and Found
  • escort you to your car after hours
  • assist you with any personal safety issues
  • support students with a disability using the access vehicle

Health and Safety

Health and safety on campus is everyone’s responsibility, so you’ll need to know:

  • how to report incidents and hazards using FlinSafe – learn more
  • emergency and evacuation procedures – site-specific videos are available
  • how to access first aid assistance – we encourage you to contact Security on 8201 2880
  • correct use of personal electrical items – make sure they’re in good condition, including the cords (not frayed or damaged), before using them on campus
  • health and safety issues regarding coursework tasks, practicals or procedures – speak with your School and lecturers

For more information, visit the WHS Unit.


Graduation ceremonies take place in April, September and December each year.

In the lead-up to your graduation, the Graduations Office will contact you with details on how to register to attend a ceremony, or graduate in absentia.

For more information, check the Graduations page.